Commitment to environmentally-friendly equipment and processes.

Giving New Life to the Rims and Frames of Our Old Chassis

Implementing Zero Waste strategies with comprehensive recycling programs.

10.8M lb

of chassis metal recycled
in 2023

2.6M lb

of rims recycled
in 2023

2.5M lb

of scrap metal recycled
in 2023

TRAC Intermodal

Green Chassis Upgrades

Environmentally-certified enhancements to our chassis fleet.

TRAC Intermodal
LED Lights Conversion

With 50,000 hours of life expectancy and many recyclable components, TRAC’s LED Lights upgrade program significantly reduces waste across our fleet.

TRAC Intermodal

Radial Tires Conversion

More durable than bias ply and offering reduced waste and improved fuel efficiency, radial tires are a key ongoing investment to TRAC’s fleet.

TRAC Intermodal

M&R Processes

TRAC’s industry-leading M&R and QA procedures reduce our fleet’s carbon footprint with continual equipment maintenance and repair.

TRAC Intermodal
Tire Retreading Program

Operating one of the largest retread facilities in the U.S., TRAC Tire Services utilizes a rigorous quality control system to provide sustainable fleet tire solutions.

Recycled Tires Find New Purpose

Lower carbon emissions through tire retreading and recycling programs.

TRAC Intermodal


reduced carbon footprint with tire retreading

TRAC Intermodal

2.4M lb

tire rubber dust recycled in 2023

TRAC Intermodal


70 K tires recycled in 2023

We Believe That Our Commitment to Environment and Innovation Will Lay the Foundation For A More Sustainable World.

TRAC Intermodal

“At TRAC, we are proactive in building sustainable business practices. We take our role in contributing to a greener world seriously and continue to embed sustainability into our overall business strategy whether it’s recycling, using more environmentally-friendly materials, adopting greener business tactics or converting equipment to reduce our overall carbon footprint.”

Dan Walsh, CEO – TRAC Intermodal