Chassis Fleet Monitoring

GPS Solutions and Asset Intelligence

Comprehensive Chassis Fleet Monitoring Tools

TRAC Intermodal

Real-time Tracking

Real-time unit monitoring through the advanced GPS mapping system

TRAC Intermodal


Access to a wide range of reports for active and historical data

TRAC Intermodal


Geofencing with customized alerts when predetermined parameters are met

TRAC Intermodal

Container Sensor

Optional add-on sensor for tracking container mount and dismount data

TRAC Intermodal


Option to include an external solar panel to keep the GPS unit charged at all times

GPS Availability – Chassis Types

TRAC Intermodal

40' Gooseneck Chassis

Overall Length – 40’8’’
Overall Width – 8
Carrying Capacity – 1 – 40’ Container
Carrying Capacity – 67,200 lbs.
Tare Weight – 6,700 lbs.
Number of Axles – 2
Number of Tires – 8

TRAC Intermodal

20' Slider Chassis

Tare Weight:  6,700 lbs.
Length:  23 ft. 6 in.
Width:  8 ft.
Carrying Capacity:  67,200 lbs.
Number of Axles:  2
Number of Tires:  8

TRAC Intermodal

40' - 45' Extendable Chassis

Tare Weight:  6,900 lbs.
Overall Length: 45' 6
Width:  8 ft.
Carrying Capacity:  58,200 lbs.
Number of Axles:  2
Number of Tires:  8

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC's Genset Chassis

40' premium marine chassis
New underslung Carrier genset
Front bolster reefer plug socket

Premium features:
OEM Radial Tires
LED Lights
Anti-Lock Brakes

TRAC Intermodal

20' & 40' Tri-axle Chassis

Performance and safety for heavier container loads

20’ Triaxle
Length: 33 ft.
Carrying Capacity: 65,000 lbs.

40’ Triaxle
Length: 40 ft. 8 in.
Carrying Capacity: 74,000 lbs.

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC Lightweight Chassis

Tare Weight: 5,050 lb
Length: 40 ft. 6 in.
Carrying Capacity: 67,200 lbs.
Number of Axles: 2
Axle Spacing: 49”

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