TRAC Tire Services’ Comprehensive Retreading and Recycling Program

August 5, 2022

Last month, TRAC began rolling out a series of blog posts focused on TRAC Tire Services’ comprehensive retreading and recycling program at its Florence, KY facility.

TRAC Tire’s programs are helping reduce the company’s overall environmental impact through the buffing of chassis tire treads, capture of rubber dust and comprehensive recycling of this material. TRAC recycles 70,000 tires annually, which yields two million pounds of rubber dust. Retreading uses less than one-third the amount of oil required to manufacture a new tire, which translates to 70 percent less emissions.

The plant retreading process operates 18 hours per day, five days a week. Since beginning tire retreading in 2020, TRAC Tire has recycled more than 5.7 million pounds of rubber dust. The rubber dust is converted into granules for re-use on playgrounds, running tracks, sports turf and equestrian surfaces.

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