Learn how TRAC’s chassis are transformed into premium equipment the industry relies on.

TRAC Intermodal is America’s leading marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider. With the largest fleet of marine and specialty chassis, nine pools under management, and an extensive network of locations nationwide, TRAC Intermodal offers unmatched expertise, innovation and ease of access to high quality equipment.


Daily rentals and long-term leased chassis are available through an extensive network of 600 locations at international marine terminals throughout the continent.


TRAC Select offers premium chassis and premium service in all major intermodal markets with over 20 near terminal locations nationwide.


TRAC Intermodal Services include Chassis Term Leasing, Chassis Pool Management services, Emergency Roadside Assistance and the Intermodal Data Hub suite of tools.


From new engineering designs, to breakthrough
technologies, to everyday solutions, learn how TRAC
has been tranforming the intermodal industry.

Interactive Maps

Use the interactive map below to view TRAC Intermodal’s locations across the United States.
The controls at the top of the map reveal the Marine Pools start-stop locations and the TRAC Select locationsClicking on the location markers will reveal details about the locations.

R&S Logistics LLC

“TRAC TITAN is a great product. I’ve saved tons of money and downtime, especially for runs two to three hours out.” – Ray Noonan, President, R&S Logistics LLC, Bayonne, NJ.

Allied Brothers Intermodal

“Your TITAN chassis fleet has dramatically helped with our on time delivery performance as driver down time has significantly decreased….Thanks for introducing this superior product to us.” – Ira Lilonsky, Allied Brothers Intermodal, Inc. , 908 354-2803 Allied Brothers Website

PFS Transportation

“I love working with TRAC….They are customer centric and help us deliver the reliable service our customers expect of us.” -Dalton Saunders, President, PFS, Memphis, TN PFS Transportation Website

Harbor Freight Transport

“We recommend TRAC to any motor carrier because of its dependability, reliability and excellent customer service.” -Steve Liberti Jr., Harbor Freight Transport, Port Newark, NJ Harbor Freight Transport Website

TRX Inc.

“TRAC TITAN chassis help us be more productive. The tires are radials and have been reliable. This helps us deliver for our customers.” – Dacosta Rose, Operations Manager, TRX Inc. Houston, TX TRX Trucking Website

Core Trucking Co.

“The Gulf Coast is a brutal market for tires. TRAC works faster to resolve tire issues much more efficiently and effectively than the other chassis providers.” -Allen Baity, Managing Director of Core Trucking of Texas Core Trucking Website

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