TRAC’s History

Leader in intermodal solutions since 1968

Leader in Intermodal Solutions Since 1968

From new engineering designs to breakthrough technologies to everyday solutions, learn how TRAC has been transforming the intermodal industry.

50 Years Transforming The Global Supply Chain

The history of TRAC Intermodal began in the 1960’s, just as containerization started to influence the global trade. For decades since, TRAC’s progress has been interwined with the growth and development of intermodal transportation. As a result, TRAC’s history is the story of decades of modern trade and economic progress that has shaped the world as we know it today.


Innovation that Revolutionized Global Trade

In the early 1960s, Marty Tuchman and his colleagues at the American National Standards Institute introduced a corner casting and a twist-lock mechanism to mount cargo containers to rail cars and chassis.

This innovation allowed for total interchangeability of equipment in every mode – ship, rail and truck – and was an important contribution to the development of standardized containerization.


Founding of Interpool Ltd

After making significant contributions towards containerization, Marty Tuchman and Warren Serenbetz founded Interpool Limited with a focus on leasing marine cargo containers

The company helped drive the global adoption of standardized containers, providing cargo owners with flexibility and choice.



Interpool Forms TRAC Lease, Inc.

With the booming of intermodal transportation and the demand for chassis on the rise, the company formed TRAC Lease, Inc. to provide chassis rentals. With a fleet of 35,000 chassis, TRAC began its journey to becoming the leader in chassis solutions.

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World Smithsonian Award for Innovative Technology 

In the 1990s, Interpool developed PoolStat, a computerized system for tracking containers and chassis. The PoolStat software was a significant innovation in the intermodal industry.

In 1999, Interpool received the World Smithsonian Award for its innovative technology.  The award is now part of the Permanent Research Collection on Information Technology at The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

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TRAC Becomes the Largest Chassis Provider in the U.S.

In 2000, the acquisition of TransAmerica Leasing, Inc. increased Interpool’s chassis fleet to 175,000, securing its position as the largest lessor of intermodal chassis.

With the largest fleet, TRAC began managing over 40 pool locations across the U.S., shifting the industry standard from long-term leasing to daily pool usage. Pool usage offered increased efficiencies and flexibility to ocean carriers, port terminals and motor carriers alike.

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TRAC Increases Market Share to 38%, the Highest in the Industry

Following a successful decade of providing chassis solutions, the company changed its name to TRAC Intermodal to better reflect its position in the industry. In 2011, as the ocean carriers transitioned out of the chassis lease market, TRAC increased its chassis market share to 38%, the highest in the industry.

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EZBook Software Is Launched

TRAC Intermodal developed EZBook, an online chassis reservation system. Designed to provide customers with the ability to secure bare chassis via portal or mobile app before the scheduled pick-up, this new technology increased driver productivity and convenience.

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Fleet Modernization Program Begins

TRAC began a fleet modernization initiative by investing in new premium equipment and launching its Chassis Upgrade/Refurb Program. Fully-refurbished chassis are stripped down to bare metal and reconstructed following strict quality guidelines to feature new brake systems, all-new wiring harnesses, damage-resistant LED lights and OEM tires.

This significant investment supported TRAC’s plans to provide the most modern and reliable marine chassis fleet in the industry.

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TRAC Launches TRAC Services and MSUs

The same year that the TRAC launched its fleet modernization program, the company formed TRAC Services and Mobile Service Units. The investment supported TRAC’s operations by providing chassis maintenance and repair to ensure the highest equipment quality and availability

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TRAC Creates TRAC Select, Personalized Marine Chassis Pool

TRAC Intermodal introduces TRAC Select, a premium chassis pool fleeted with a wide array of premium and specialty chassis. This “white-glove” solution ensures equipment choice, availability and expedited service.

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TRAC Continues its Commitment to the Intermodal Industry

With ongoing investments in our fleet, quality products and technological innovations, TRAC continues its plan to provide the most modern and reliable marine chassis solutions in the industry.

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TRAC Tire Services to Serve TRAC Intermodal Chassis Exclusively

To underscore its commitment to fleet quality and sustainability, TRAC Intermodal has converted its TRAC Tire Services division to exclusively serve its marine chassis fleet. This shift is consistent with TRAC’s strategy to build the industry’s most modern and reliable fleet of marine chassis, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

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