TRAC Wins Norfolk Southern Sustainability Award, Caps Long-Time Mission

TRAC Intermodal
On December 1, 2022, TRAC Intermodal was recognized by Norfolk Southern as one of the 15 winners of its inaugural Thoroughbred Sustainability Partner

TRAC was honored as a leader in environmental stewardship, one of the three award categories the freight transportation company awarded, including innovation and energy efficiency. A cross-department team at Norfolk Southern reviewed applications for their measurable progress during 2021. Winners were determined based on the novelty, relevance and impact of their respective program.

Norfolk Southern will honor all winners at a January ceremony at its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. The event will also mark the first meeting of Norfolk Southern’s Partner Council. Council members are comprised of the award winners and the railroad will organize future discussions among members to further sustainability efforts, share initiatives and learn from one another.

TRAC was thrilled with this recognition and is proud of its partnership with Norfolk Southern. The chassis provider was the only chassis IEP to win this honor.

This award by Norfolk Southern is in many respects a natural outgrowth or extension of TRAC’s overall corporate values and mission. For some time, TRAC has made adopting sustainable business practices a centerpiece of its organizational beliefs, on par with ensuring equipment performance, safety and quality.

TRAC’s corporate sustainability programs encompass green chassis upgrades as well as comprehensive recycling programs and environmental-friendly business processes and solutions. TRAC believes that its commitment to environment and innovation will help pave the way for a more sustainable world.

Here are some of the key areas in which TRAC seeks to fulfill its sustainability mission:

Zero-Waste Strategy

TRAC’s zero-waste strategy is to minimize its waste stream. TRAC focuses on refurbishing and greening its fleets before retiring them. And when our chassis do reach end-of-life, TRAC has a comprehensive chassis recycling program in place to ensure every possible part can be reused or re-purposed. Through an innovative waste management and chassis recycling programs, TRAC Intermodal recycles 5.5 million lbs of chassis metal, 2 million lbs of rims, 1.7 million lbs of rubber dust on average (2019-2022) and 70,000 tires each year.

Adopt Environmental-Focused Maintenance and Repair

TRAC’s chassis pools are essentially eco-friendly in that units are shared by multiple users, which minimizes their carbon footprint. Keeping chassis in good working order is crucial to reducing the carbon footprint of its fleet. TRAC’s M&R and Quality Assurance procedures are among the best in the industry to keep its chassis safe and road ready.

Greening Its Fleet

In addition to ongoing maintenance and repair, TRAC focuses on modernizing and greening its fleet. The company has invested more than $1 Billion in chassis fleet modernization over the last decade. It restores equipment to like-new condition and converts thousands of chassis each year to more sustainable features. This includes installing LED lights with longer life expectancies and using radial OEM tires, which are more durable than bias ply and deliver greater fuel efficiency.

Leader in Tire Retreading, Recycling

As part of its fleet modernization program, TRAC has taken control over tire production. TRAC Tire Services, a Goodyear-authorized retreader, uses an innovative manufacturing process and proprietary compounded intermodal rubber for added safety and to minimize wear. Tire retreading process uses one-third less oil than to manufacture a new tire, resulting in 70 percent less emissions than in making a new tire.

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