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TRAC is committed to providing the best chassis solutions and superior customer service to the intermodal industry. We set the standard for chassis dependability, service and value. We operate in a way that minimizes risk to our customers, helps improve our customers’ efficiency and ensures chassis reliability and roadability during the first and last mile of freight transportation.


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The TRAC story truly began in 1968 with the formation of Interpool Limited. The company started as a container leasing company that provided dry freight containers under long-term leases to the world’s largest shipping lines. In 2010, around the time Ocean Carriers began divesting chassis and getting out of the chassis provisioning business, the company was again renamed – this time as TRAC Intermodal, also known simply as TRAC. Today, TRAC is the largest provider of marine and domestic intermodal equipment throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.

  • We have more than 700 employees in more than 22 locations throughout the United States.
  • Our active fleet consists of approximately 180,000 marine chassis.
  • By fostering a culture of teamwork, accountability, integrity and innovation, TRAC has remained a leading provider of assets and services to the intermodal industry since its beginnings in 1968.


Jennifer Polli - President & CEO

Jennifer Polli President & CEO

Gregg Carpene

Gregg Carpene Executive Vice President & CLO

Val T. Noel

Val T. Noel Executive Vice President & COO

Kevin Snyder

Kevin Snyder Senior Vice President & CIO

Chris Annese

Chris Annese Executive Vice President & CFO

Rich Hediger

Rich Hediger Vice President - Human Resources


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