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Leading Tire Retreader to Ensure Fleet’s Tire Quality and Sustainability

To underscore its commitment to fleet quality and sustainability, TRAC Intermodal has converted its TRAC Tire Services division to exclusively serve its marine chassis fleet. This shift is consistent with TRAC’s strategy to build the industry’s most modern and reliable fleet of marine chassis, while maintaining a strong commitment to sustainability.

Over the Last decade, TRAC has invested $1 Billion + to continually improve our fleet, adding new premium equipment and starting a BlueEdge Chassis Upgrade program, which transforms older chassis to the highest-level of safety and performance. Each year, thousands of TRAC chassis are converted to feature LED lights and radial tires.

TRAC Tire Services operates one of the country’s largest tire retreading facilities. The division, in partnership with tire maker Goodyear, uses rigorous quality control and proprietary compounded intermodal rubber to improve performance and minimize tread-wear.

TRAC Tire Services currently provides close to 50% of the tire needs across TRAC’s fleet. TRAC is also partnering with third-party suppliers to complement this tire production and secure the required tire capacity. These strategic partnerships ensure high quality, sustainable tire solutions at market rates.

TRAC Tire Services division is an important strategic investment for TRAC and we want to fully optimize its value to our organization. With this conversion, we gain greater control over the production and tire quality of our chassis fleet, accessing the innovative technology of Goodyear products. In addition, we’re taking a proactive approach to sustainable business practices, using radial tire conversion and retreading programs to help reduce our overall environmental impact.

Daniel Walsh

CEO, TRAC Intermodal

In addition to reducing its carbon footprint with its radial tire conversion program, TRAC’s tire retread division helps significantly lower emissions. Retreading uses just seven gallons of oil compared to 22 gallons to manufacture a new tire, which translates to 70 percent less emissions than needed to produce a new tire. Plus, TRAC’s innovative waste management and recycling programs have helped the company recycle 1.6 million pounds of pure rubber dust in 2020 alone.

More information on TRAC’s commitment to fleet excellence and sustainability is available at:

About TRAC Intermodal
TRAC Intermodal ( is North America’s leading marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider with 11 pools under management across the U.S. TRAC has the largest fleet of marine and specialty chassis in North America and operates an extensive network of facilities. TRAC’s subsidiaries offer emergency fleet roadside assistance through FYX, and maintenance and repair services as well as storage and parking solutions through TRAC Services.

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