TRAC Intermodal Releases New White Paper on How They Use Technology to Power Its Business

In recent years, the intermodal industry has undergone transformative changes with the emergence of cutting-edge technologies. These advancements, integral to TRAC Intermodal’s commitment to excellence, focus on elevating operational efficiency and performance across the supply chain.

At the core of TRAC’s strategy are software, systems, and AI innovations dedicated to enhancing overall performance and security. The white paper showcases key projects, including:

HELIX Platform: A comprehensive suite of tools for customer engagement, asset optimization, and cost management.

RoadStar AI Project: RoadStar AI project is a series of system enhancements to our existing M&R invoicing platforms which has improved and streamlined identification of erroneous billing.

ZEBOX Initiative: A collaborative effort with a tech incubator to drive digital transformation in global supply chains.

Cybersecurity Advances: Implementing robust measures to safeguard against cyber threats and data breaches.

FLOW Initiative: A strategic collaboration with the U.S.Department of Transportation to optimize data exchange within the supply chain.

These initiatives underscore TRAC’s role as a forward-thinking leader, utilizing technology-driven solutions to improve service delivery, reduce costs, and secure assets. The white paper not only highlights past accomplishments but outlines a roadmap for the future, demonstrating TRAC’s ongoing commitment to technological excellence in shaping the intermodal industry.

Explore the white paper to delve into TRAC Intermodal’s transformative journey within the dynamic realm of intermodal logistics.


About TRAC Intermodal
TRAC Intermodal ( is North America’s leading marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider with 11 pools under management across the U.S. TRAC has the largest fleet of marine and specialty chassis in North America and operates an extensive network of facilities. TRAC’s subsidiaries offer emergency fleet roadside assistance through FYX, and maintenance and repair services as well as storage and parking solutions through TRAC Services.

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