JOC and CNBC Articles: TRAC’s Daniel Walsh’s Interview in the Journal of Commerce from TPM24

On March 6, TRAC President and CEO Daniel Walsh was featured in an engaging one-on-one interview with JOC senior editor Ari Ashe as part of its CEO Series at TPM24. Dan and Ari covered a broad range of topics in their discussion including how TRAC is readying for the next up cycle by continuing to invest in its fleet and situating operational reserves of upgraded equipment in strategic markets.

Dan emphasized that TRAC is eager to meet the needs of its customers and respond to changing market demands, whether through pools or private chassis solutions. He noted that TRAC is committed to technology investments to improve efficiency and boost response times. One major area of focus will be increased utilization of GPS in its fleet. Dan explained that chassis shortages during the pandemic were the result of a host of different issues, emphasizing that industry challenges require collective solutions among many participants. Dan stressed the importance of information sharing among market partners and provided an update on the FLOW initiative and how TRAC is incorporating technology into its operations to track containers and chassis.

Read JOC’s article covering the interview here.

Read CNBC’s coverage of the interview here.


About TRAC Intermodal
TRAC Intermodal ( is North America’s leading marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider with 11 pools under management across the U.S. TRAC has the largest fleet of marine and specialty chassis in North America and operates an extensive network of facilities. TRAC’s subsidiaries offer emergency fleet roadside assistance through FYX, and maintenance and repair services as well as storage and parking solutions through TRAC Services.

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