TRAC Intermodal Introduces Premium 40′ Chassis with Pre-Mounted Gensets

TRAC Intermodal

TRAC Intermodal is introducing premium 40′ chassis with new pre-mounted Carrier underslung gensets. These Genset Chassis are currently available through the TRAC Select pool. The Genset Chassis product is designed to help drive efficiencies in intermodal transportation by providing motor carriers with:

A one-stop solution that offers a chassis with a pre-mounted genset
The new product is focused on helping motor carriers save time by providing drivers with a one-stop location to pick up a chassis already equipped with a genset, eliminating an additional stop before the refrigerated container is mounted on the chassis.

Front bolster reefer plug socket for convenience and safety
The electrical socket for the genset is mounted to the chassis front bolster, allowing the driver to plug in the reefer cable without extending it to the under-mounted genset, a feature that provides both convenience and safety


TRAC Intermodal

Reefer plug socket mounted in the chassis front bolster.


Design that keeps the cargo weight in mind

Unlike the clip-on gensets, the underslung unit is located under the chassis, between front and rear axles, distributing the weight evenly to avoid a potential overweight on the front axle.

Highest quality 40′ chassis with upgraded components

The chassis equipped with the underslung gensets also feature OEM radial tires, LED lights and, in many cases, ABS brakes, delivering the ultimate in performance, quality and safety.

Availability and interoperability

Genset Chassis are available through the TRAC Select pool at near-dock pick-up locations, with guaranteed availability when booked in advance through EZBook, TRAC’s online chassis reservation system. They can be reused for multiple ocean carrier moves.

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