TRAC Intermodal Boosts
Chassis Supply For Record Cargo
Volumes at Port of NY-NJ

March 17, 2021

As pandemic restrictions began to ease globally last summer, cargo volumes at the Port of NY-NJ surged to record highs in the second half of 2020, driven by pent-up consumer demand and shippers replenishing low inventories of consumer goods.

After record-breaking months in August and September, October cargo volume topped them all as the busiest month in port history, with 755,437 TEUs. Cargo moves in Q4 were up more than 19% from the final quarter of 2019.

With double-digit growth in cargo activity this January and a continuation of record volume for the month, TRAC is working closely with Port officials and M&R partners to help ensure chassis supply fluidity to meet this challenge. Here are some examples:

  • Adding Capacity
    To help meet record import volume, TRAC added more than 1,400 chassis to the NY-NJ market in the second half of 2020. This additional equipment helped TRAC support the smooth flow of goods.
  • Continuing Fleet Additions in 2021

    TRAC is currently adding more than 750 chassis to help support the NY-NJ market. Two hundred chassis have already been injected into the fleet and the remainder are projected to be added within the next couple of months.
  • Ongoing Fleet Management

    TRAC has closely focused on managing its fleet by decreasing out-of-service (OOS) units as quickly as possible through collaboration with maintenance and repair vendors along with ILA support. Currently, the OOS level across TRAC’s fleet is 3.3%, while OOS for the 40-foot fleet is just 1%.
  • Monitoring Street Dwell

    TRAC continues to closely assess rising chassis street dwell, which impacts overall fleet availability. The average street dwell currently is up over 200 percent over normal levels. Reducing chassis street dwell times will have the biggest impact on improving fluidity and TRAC is working with key stakeholders to ensure equipment is turned off the street in a timely fashion.

To learn more about TRAC’s chassis pool at the Port of NY-NJ, download our case study:

Port of NY/NJ Chassis Pool Model Success in the Face of Record Cargo Growth

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