TRAC Business Continuity and Fleet Readiness – COVID-19 Update

TRAC Intermodal

Message from TRAC’s CEO, Jennifer Polli

TRAC Intermodal continues to closely monitor the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the global supply chain. Our top priority remains the health and safety of our employees and business continuity for our customers. In addition, our focus is on supporting the intermodal industry’s efforts to maintain freight fluidity in spite of trade disruptions.

We are taking the following measures to position TRAC to respond quickly to changing market conditions, including a potential rebound in container volumes, to ensure uninterrupted service to our customers:

  • Business Continuity – TRAC has robust business continuity plans in place to ensure we can deliver the same level of service excellence and equipment quality our customers expect from us. Our field operations continue to service our customers in all markets (Learn More)
  • Fleet Optimization – TRAC utilizes fleet optimization models that include volume forecasting, based on our historical data as well as projections from external parties, combined with proper fleet sizing and utilization. These models help us develop a targeted fleet strategy by market, and react quickly to sudden changes in demand.
  • Fleet Readiness– TRAC is continuing its M&R and safety-stock programs to make road-ready chassis available for customers once trade rebounds. In addition, we continue to upgrade our equipment with radial tires and LED lights as part of our fleet modernization and the BlueEdge chassis upgrade initiative.
  • Cross-Industry Collaboration – Collaboration across all intermodal stakeholders is crucial to ensure industry readiness for import volume growth once the pandemic subsides. TRAC is working closely with customers, Port Authorities and business partners to gain insight into cargo flows and to help facilitate port fluidity across all markets. We believe all intermodal stakeholders need to share key data like ship arrivals, vessel discharge, delivery/pick-up appointments and street dwell that may impact equipment availability.

During this unprecedented health crisis, it is important to remember that global trade is resilient. We have experienced many challenges over the years – from major geopolitical events, to weather disruptions, to seasonal ebbs and flows. Despite these hurdles, global trade always bounces back and often emerges stronger.

For more information on how TRAC is managing its business operations against the backdrop of the impact of the COVID-19 virus, please see this recent feature article in American Shipper.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Jennifer Polli
President and Chief Executive Officer
TRAC Intermodal



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