Port of NY/NJ Well Positioned to Handle 35% Year-Over-Year Increase in Imports from Asia

The recent spike in total US imports from Asia, most notably a 30% year-over-year increase in November, is creating challenges at US major ports for suppliers to service this robust demand. But as Bill Mongelluzzo of the Journal of Commerce reports in his December 16th article, East Coast ports, including Port of NY/NJ remain optimistic that they can steer clear of the congestion hurdles that are affecting the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. 

Even as terminal dwell times at the Port of New York and New Jersey are five to seven days compared with three to four days normally, and average chassis street dwell at warehouses are up to 15 days from three to four days earlier this year, the gateway remains overall fluid.*

According to PIERS, JOC sister company, imports from Asia in New York-New Jersey increased by 35.1% year-over-year this November. The JOC article points to an average vessel call size as one of the factors contributing to greater fluidity at East Coast ports.

Another factor in helping the Port of NY/NJ, the third-largest US port, manage surging cargo volumes is its chassis provisioning model. TRAC Intermodal’s case study, “Port of NY/NJ Chassis Pool Model Success in the Face of Record Cargo Growth”  identifies ways in which the chassis system enabled the Port to maintain a smooth cargo flow, with little to no disruptions. 

More information on the detailed case study of the Port’s chassis provisioning model is available at: https://www.tracintermodal.com/case-study-port-nynj


*Source: JOC’s article, US East Coast ports avoid gridlock despite rising volumes


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Port of NY/NJ Chassis Pool Model Success in the Face of Record Cargo Growth

The case study presents how the chassis provisioning model at the Port of NY-NJ, as well as TRAC’s Quality Fleet Care program contributed to the port’s fluidity, despite the record increase in cargo volume.

TRAC Intermodal