Evolving NY-NJ Chassis Pool Maintains Port Flow

TRAC Intermodal
A recent JOC.com article, “Evolving NY-NJ chassis pool maintains port flow” highlights the successful evolution of the chassis pool in the Port of NY-NJ despite the significant increase in cargo volumes following the raising of the Bayonne Bridge, which opened the Port to the world’s largest ships.

“The fluidity of the chassis system was maintained even as cargo volumes increased 4.9 percent in the first seven months of 2019, to 3.03 million loaded TEU, over the same period in 2018, according to PIERS, a JOC.com sister company within IHS Markit,” the article states.

One of the key factors in the NY-NJ market’s success was moving chassis depots from inside the terminal to off-dock locations. This strategy gave the chassis providers better control of their fleets while freeing up valuable waterfront property for the Port’s import/export processing.

“Removal of chassis depots from the terminals completed in 2017 improved access to chassis in the port,” the article points out.

The off-terminal model created a more competitive chassis landscape offering customers higher quality road-ready chassis and faster turn-around times in the port facilities. With an increased control over chassis inventory and maintenance, TRAC Intermodal was able to successfully implement the BlueEdge Chassis Upgrade Program and Inventory Optimization Program to provide the market with the most competitive products.

TRAC Intermodal made large capital investments in its chassis fleet, upgrading over 55% of the Metro Pool with premium chassis. As a result, the off-dock model allows draymen to pick up road-ready chassis and perform the services that the customers expect with a much higher sense of reliability.

TRAC’s COO, Val T. Noel, was quoted as saying in the article: “the company and other IEPs have been able to improve efficiency in the off-dock depots and cut the truck visit time enough that it could now be faster than going to the terminal even if it requires an additional trip. Improved chassis quality speeds pickup by cutting the time needed to check an outgoing chassis for roadworthiness and exchange it for another chassis if the first one has problems.”

For a full article, please go to JOC.com: Evolving NY-NJ chassis pool maintains port flow



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