Dedicated Chassis Fleets Keep Expedited Services Moving

Jul 07, 2021

TRAC CEO, Dan Walsh, was recently interviewed by the Journal of Commerce for an article on private chassis pools supporting expedited shipping services: Carriers seek dedicated chassis fleets for premium services (JOC 7/2021).
As container carriers launch premium services to expedite deliveries from South China to West Coast ports, dedicated chassis fleets help ensure that sufficient chassis are available to handle receiving shipments and keep cargo flowing to its final destination.
TRAC developed a private chassis pool for global carrier ZIM last year to support its ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX) service from South China to Los Angeles. Expedited services grew out of an explosion in online shopping during the pandemic and the need among retailers for fast, reliable replenishment of inventory. The dedicated fleet addresses common bottlenecks at the West Basin Container Terminal, including longer street dwell times.
 “We have to make sure service and reliability are raised to the level that is needed. That’s why it requires a private chassis fleet” Dan Walsh told JOC when describing TRAC’s solution for ZIM.

In the article, Dan notes that within just five weeks of its agreement with ZIM, TRAC developed a dedicated fleet of 1,500 chassis for the carrier, rapidly repairing out-of-service chassis in Southern California and upgrading the units with GPS tracking. The fleet has since grown to nearly 4,000 chassis and will continue to evolve as needed. 

Our case study “TRAC ZIM Expedited Chassis Pool (TZEP): Meeting the E-Commerce
Wave with Expedited Solutions” describes TRAC’s expedited chassis solution in more detail.

TRAC also began offering similar dedicated fleet chassis capabilities for carrier CMA CGM last fall for eastbound trans-Pacific vessels docking in Los Angeles.

You can read the complete JOC article here:


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