WEEKLY OPERATIONS UPDATE – Wednesday 10/21/2020

  • The flow of goods into and out of U.S. ports is reaching historic levels. Both Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach had a record breaking August, processing 12% and 9% more volume respectively. Port of NY-NJ also reported August as their best month ever in import volume.

  • As the economy and import volume has rebounded, TRAC Intermodal has been extremely responsive, aggressively adding incremental fleet along with reducing out-of-service inventories. TRAC continues to focus on key pinch point markets in an effort to minimize import-export supply chain interruptions. This continues to be a very dynamic and evolving market and TRAC remains focused on providing available inventory to meet commercial demand.
  • As peak holiday season gets underway, port officials attribute the record months to both replenishment of warehouse and distribution center inventories along with retailers prepping for year-end holidays. However, uncertainty remains in international trade and the national economy, given the anticipated fall COVID-19 surge.
  • TRAC’s field operations continue to serve customers in all markets. In addition, our office employees are equipped to seamlessly support our customers and service partners via phone or email in a secure and productive environment, while working remotely.


TRAC is offering secure parking and storage for trucks, containers and chassis through its Service Centers across all intermodal markets. To learn more, please email:


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