Domestic Chassis Pools


TRAC Intermodal operates a unique national pool of 53’ chassis throughout the US rail intermodal network. TRAC offers over 65,000 well maintained 53’chassis domiciled at over 85 railroad intermodal terminals that can be utilized as needed. Domestic Container operators have the luxury of picking up 53’ chassis at one terminal and dropping off at another based on your shipping patterns. TRAC chassis are also available for crosstown moves between Railroads.

TRAC’s Nationwide Domestic Pool is proud to partner with all major US Railroads that provide Intermodal services. We offer the right chassis in the right place at the right time. We are an integral part of the intermodal supply chain and a key component of both private and rail controlled container programs. TRAC has an extensive Operations and Maintenance network insuring that good order chassis are available for customer requirements. As part of TRAC Intermodal’s overall chassis fleet, the largest in the industry, the Nationwide Domestic Pool benefits from TRAC’s state of the art tracking systems, broad based repair and parts vendor network and its newly acquired road service repair network, TRAC Interstar, LLC.

53' Domestic Chassis

  • Overall length – 53’6’’
  • Overall Width – 8’
  • Carrying capacity – 1 – 53’ container
  • Structural carrying capacity – 67,200 lbs
  • Tare Weight – 7,450 lbs.
  • Number of axles – 2
  • Number of tires – 8


Emergency Road Service

Emergency Road Service for Domestic Chassis Pools



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