Move Heavier Loads Within DOT Weight Limits

Princeton, N.J., January 27, 2017 – TRAC Intermodal has introduced lightweight marine chassis for use in the Houston market designed to help motor carriers move heavier container loads and still comply with vehicle weight regulations for U.S. roadways.  The lightweight marine chassis will serve TRAC’s private pool and customer leases in Houston.

Motor carriers in the greater Gulf region want to move larger loads of ethylene-based plastic resins to meet growing export demand for this product. New factories have ramped up production in Texas and resin traders want to move as much freight as possible using special intermodal equipment. Lightweight chassis help carriers move resin by boosting freight capacity per load but still stay within DOT weight limits.  Carriers are also using the lightweight chassis to transport other heavy commodities, such as retail products and lumber.  Tare weights for a standard gooseneck container chassis are 6,500 pounds while TRAC’s lightweight marine chassis has a tare weight of 5,050 pounds.

“We believe there is a significant market for specialty equipment around the country, tied to various industry needs and time-of-year demands,” says Keith Lovetro, TRAC Intermodal’s President and Chief Executive Officer.  “We will continue to explore opportunities to develop and introduce high-quality, reliable equipment that is calibrated to the specific needs of our customers.”

TRAC developed this new chassis product with low-profile radial tires, aluminum wheels, a lighter frame, ABS brakes, GPS and LED lights. The majority of the units will be placed on longer-term leases with customers while the remainder will be used in TRAC’s private pool in Houston.

About TRAC Intermodal

TRAC Intermodal is the nation’s largest intermodal chassis pool manager and equipment supplier for domestic and international transportation companies. TRAC Intermodal’s active fleet consists of over 267,000 chassis. TRAC Intermodal has a broad operating footprint with over 600 marine, 160 domestic and 60 depot locations across North America.

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