August 31, 2017 – Princeton, NJ –  As TRAC Intermodal resumes operations in the Houston area following Hurricane Harvey, safety remains our primary concern.

Please be aware of the following key points:

  1. Upon inspection and conversation with Houston terminal operators, it appears that equipment that was on the terminals was not exposed to standing water. This equipment is currently available to handle cargo.
  2. Equipment on the street is still a safety concern.  There is a serious safety risk if water gets into a wheel hub, and no chassis that may have been subjected to high water levels should be moved over the road.  Under your TRAC Intermodal Interchange Agreement, you are obligated to safeguard chassis on-hire to you or otherwise in your possession and control.  Please check the wheels for any sign of debris or a water line above the bottom of the wheel hub as this could cause the wheel hub to become contaminated and lead to serious wheel end failure.

If you have a chassis on hire that may have been subjected to a high water incident (i.e., a water level at or near the bottom of the wheel hub), please report it to TRAC Intermodal Customer Service at 1-877-987-2226, Option #2 or to our Gulf M&R team at  Please provide the chassis number, your SCAC code, and the location of the chassis when reporting these incidents. TRAC Intermodal will dispatch a road service vendor to inspect the chassis for any possible damage and perform any necessary repairs. You will not be charged for the inspection or repair costs associated with these reported incidents.  Please do not move the chassis until it has been inspected and repaired, as necessary.

Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to keep safety our primary goal.