Current Job Openings

M&R Supervisor – Ohio

Position Responsibilities, not limited to:

 Supervise M&R Vendors

  • Ensure that all Safety rules are utilized and equipment repairs are performed to protect the integrity of the equipment.
  • Perform pre- and post-repair inspections in field, authorize repairs.
  • Perform timely audits per month or as needed; evaluate and control quality of repair vendors’ work.
  • Without compromising safety, make decisions on behalf of TRAC, pursuing the lowest total-cost options; assessing whether or not repairs are necessary and appropriate repairs are prescribed.
  • Determine if repairs are due to damage vs. wear-and-tear items; ensure vendor accountability upon instances of damage missed on gate inspection or caused by yard handling; communicate with vendor/facility ensuring accurate gate inspection notations and yard handling procedures.
  • Make certain AAR and FMCSA rules are being employed and followed at all facilities.
  • Ensure that Trac repair procedures and approved parts are being followed and used.
  • Require and inspect accurate repairs prescribed and performed upon instances of missed or yard damage.
  • Review take off tire inventories, ensure accuracy of vendor marking and coding, track tire usage, inspect tires for cause of failure, identify and submit failures for pursuance of warranty credit.
  • Review facility bad order/out of service inventories daily and address all chassis within required time frame
  • Use of hand held and mobile technology in the performance of the day to day duties. 

Invoice Processing Functions

  • Review vendor repair invoices for accuracy; ensure all invoices are submitted and received according to terms in M&R Vendor Agreement. Assist Vendor Compliance to re-send to vendor for revision when inaccuracies are found and communicate with vendor steps needed to take for correction; decline when situation is warranted and is justifiable; approve accurate invoices for payment; assist with vendor’s inquiries regarding outstanding invoices.
  • Manage 3rd party billing process to assist the Vendor Compliance group.
  • Review field estimates and EDI invoices to assist Vendor Compliance in identifying repairs due to abusive handling by trucker; compile work order, TIR, and tire material sheet when needed to begin 3rd party process; communicate with Vendor Compliance group when 3rd party invoice disputes occur.
  • Provide expert opinion to resolve disputes between truckers and receiving facility regarding inbound TIR notations.
  • Timely review and accurately code manual invoices if needed. 

Support M&R Management program

  • Periodically assemble statistics for management, including but not exclusive to audits performed, expenses related to a particular vendor or repair category, operational efficiencies, perform physical inventory reconciliations and report findings, etc.
  • Maintain daily and/or weekly operational reports designed to manage and communicate operational climate, pace of repairs and any issues impacting Trac Intermodal. 

Logistics Support

  • Perform daily count of available and damaged chassis by chassis size as needed.
  • Review rail terminal operator information to determine grounded or mismatched member line containers and outbound equipment forecasts and delays
  • Complete chassis reconciliation between marine, rail, and CY locations and Seacastle / Trac Lease system.
  • Assist with road calls when received as follows: Follow TRAC OTR procedures that are in place, identify if problem is related to W&T or damage, locate mobile repair vendor, and recommend most cost efficient and safe method of repair. 

Depot Support

  • Understand each phase of the chassis progression for term lease terminations – COHNA, AU, Approved for repair, AV – and each function related to each status.
  • Be able to technically discuss and prescribe correct repairs according to IICL standards.
  • Perform joint and independent COHNA surveys – maximize revenue of customer approvals from lease terminations; review, identify, inspect, revise and prescribe correct repairs of chassis to be repaired or scrapped; recognize and apply warranties and assign modifications where needed; coordinate bookings,  surveyor inspections, and customer acceptance; QC / post inspect chassis booked for lease. 


  • Must have a valid driver’s license, pass a background check, meet Rail Terminal facility security requirements, and have or be able to obtain a TWIC card.
  • Must be able to perform “walk-around” inspection of chassis, as well as using a crawler to check brakes and axles.
  • Must be able to lift and move truck tires.
  • Must be able to multi-task, and work independently as well as contribute to the overall success of the team.
  • Must have a command of MS-Office package, Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Must be able to receive and communicate repair instructions verbally and in writing in a professional manner
  • Understand and comply with all safety precautions.
  • Have M&R experience and operational knowledge of rail, marine and port, CY, and depot facilities.
  • Candidate must be free of potential conflicts of interest
  • IICL Chassis certification / know FMCSA rules / wheel end / brake / tire / electrical training a plus.
  • Ability to travel a plus.
  • Bi-lingual (English and Spanish) a plus.